Welcome to LETTR: The Center for Law Enforcement Technology, Training & Research

WHAT WE DO: Assist public safety entities by developing low cost, user-defined software systems, applications, and training programs in a non-proprietary environment to facilitate collaboration between law enforcement personnel across and within agencies.



Federated Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval

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Automated reporting of pawn, scrap and second hand transactions

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Design and implementation of specialized software tools for law enforcement

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WHO WE ARE: LETTR was incorporated in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for the purpose of owning, maintaining and growing the Federated Integrated Network for Data Exchange and Retrieval (FINDER®), developed in partnership with the University of Central Florida. Our singular focus on law enforcement data and information sharing has led to our years of success designing and implementing the FINDER® and FINDERpawn systems.