How do you define success? Finding a missing person, recovering stolen property, arresting a thief, locating a witness, keeping tabs on a suspected terrorist? FINDER can help you do that. These are actual success tags submitted by our users.

FINDER provided a recent incident with a new address that was not in our records or open source records. I was able to send the Agents directly to her door. They love me for that because they thought it was an easy arrest. THANK YOU FINDER!

By the use of a listed telephone number I was able to contact a person for the service of court documents.

This item pawned was stolen in residential burglary. Serial number can back as a hit that it had been pawned.

Tampa Police Department Report Number 2015-615063 Lakeland Police Department Report Number 2016-4329 charges are forthcoming

While conducting an unrelated investigation of the person who pawned the items on this ticket, it was learned the items on this ticket were actually stolen from the same victim in early October. The person on this ticket is a former employee. This investigation just began and an arrest will be made soon.

Review of all reports submitted helped prove a difficult stalking case. Injunction granted and charges pending.

Located possible new address for subject believed to be with a missing juvenile.

Use of this system did locate a blue tooth speaker stolen from a residential burglary, which was reportedly pawned the same day. This system confirmed the identity of the offender, who later admitted to the burglary itself. Arrestee was charged with 3 felonies: Burglary, Dealing in Stolen Property, and False Info. to Pawn Broker. OPD Case #2016-158851.

Received RFI from MI ref homicide investigation. Database provided phone numbers for subjects of interest allowing agency to make contact w/ owner of weapon used & further facilitate investigation.

Vehicle was used in a suspicious incident where the suspect was unknown but now identified through MO in recent incidents

Researching cold cases involving missing juveniles from a tip received from an inmate in South Carolina who reportedly abducted and murdered several local children in the 1960s thru 1970s. I found this person to have been reported missing in 1994 and the case was never closed. A search through other databases yielded no results. FINDER search produced positive results which I was able to contact and confirm the wellbeing of this person and also close the 21-year-old missing persons case.

Ring stolen in a burglary in Lake, pawned in Orange. OCSO took a report for the dealing.

PBSO impounded Honda Dirt bike with no wants/hits on VIN. Checked VIN in FINDER vehicle system for all agencies and came up with a match to a FEBRUARY BURGLARY in ORLANDO. Still unfolding now – but success in my book!!!! Current recovery -1 MC Valued in report as $5,000.

Most helpful in locating a key holder for a problem at the address this evening.