The creation of FINDER and ultimate formation of LETTR is largely attributed to over $3 million in research and development funding that was acquired through the collaboration of  law enforcement agencies and the University of Central Florida. LETTR remains interested in participating in well-designed research projects that aim to evaluate and improve public safety technologies. 

Researchers representing bona fide research institutions are encouraged to contact LETTR to discuss potential projects.  Please note that LETTR, as a non-profit organization, maximizes non-federal research dollars by restricting its indirect payments (“overhead” charges)  to institutions to a maximum of 5% of research grant awards. 

Dr. K. Michael Reynolds – Research Associate

Mike Reynolds is LETTR’s Research Associate and a retired  Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Reynolds is a co-founder of FINDER and the Florida Law Enforcement Data Sharing Consortium.  He has received and managed a number of state and federal grants in support of the FINDER project and remains active in information sharing research and evaluation activities. Dr. Reynolds designed and instructs a graduate-level, Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping program at UCF and conducts related research as a consultant to law enforcement agencies. Prior to joining the UCF faculty, he worked as a police officer and attorney general’s investigator.