FINDERpawn/Scrap Metal

FINDERpawn is LETTR’s web-based application for Pawn Shops, Secondhand Dealers and Scrap Metal Recyclers to report transactions to the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction.  This system currently handles the pawn, secondhand and scrap metal reporting for over 2,000 shops in more than 45 jurisdictions.  No third party private entity can access the information in the FINDERpawn system.  Shops without an electronic point-of-sale system can create tickets directly in FINDERpawn which are exported to FINDER where they can be searched by law enforcement personnel at participating agencies.  Shops that have an existing point-of-sale system can generate a file to upload daily which is then picked up by FINDERpawn and transferred to FINDER.  There is no cost for businesses to use FINDERpawn if they report to an agency that participates in FINDER.  During a two-year period, over 40 million transactions were reported to FINDERpawn.


  • User Friendly screens including built in logic and drop down boxes
  • Law enforcement agencies manage their users and control access rights
  • Shop compliance and reporting tools
  • Automated FCIC/NCIC stolen property checks
  • Full integration with FINDER for simultaneous searching of persons and property
  • View pawn, secondhand and scrap metal transactions from other participating FINDER agencies
  • Frequent Pawners and Scrappers Report (in FINDER)
  • Output files can be generated for all transactions which can then be loaded into other law enforcement systems


  • User Friendly screens including built in logic and drop down boxes
  • Ability to automatically calculate finance charges on pawn loans
  • Ability to search and edit previously entered tickets
  • Shops can create and manage their users
  • Stores with multiple locations can do bulk uploads of their stores’ transactions via FTP
  • Reports data to the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction for compliance with state or local laws
  • No cost for shops reporting to participating FINDER agencies